If you purchase a stock shed that is on one of our lots, delivery can be within a week. If you special order a shed and customize it to your colors, it takes one month. Our efficient building team will do their best to get your product to you as quickly as possible.

Yes, most townships do require zoning permits for sheds and gazebos. Every township has their own rules. They will want to know were you are placing the structure and how far off your property lines you are putting it. This is the property owner’s responsibility to do before delivery. It is advised to get a permit prior to ordering your structure.

If you are buying a 8′ wide shed, there are only 2 4 x 4 skids under it. The most cost-efficient option is to level with patio block. Talk to a salesperson about how many to buy or if you want us to bring with delivery of shed. We will do what we can to help you prepare for your new storage shed, gazebo, swing set, or other purchased structure.

When purchasing a 10′ wide shed, we recommend a stone pad. This will be the support under the whole structure. Site prep is available upon request for a additional cost.

That is a personal choice. The Duratemp T111 they use today is a top of the line product. You should not have to paint it for 6 – 8 years, providing you take care of it and do not stack or place items up against the shed. Our Amish construction quality provides the best in your choice of any storage structure.